Kick Off Labor Day Weekend With Marvel’s 10th Anniversary Film Festival

Celebrate Marvel Studios’ 10th Anniversary at the Marvel Film Festival in IMAX!

All 20 Marvel Studios movies are making their way back to the big screen in honor of ten years of filmmaking starting August 30 and running through September 6. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will have the opportunity to watch the entire film slate over the course of five days at select AMC theaters.

The first five days of the festival will show all 20 films in release order, followed by two theme days grouped by “Origins” and “Team-Ups,” and ending with a fan choice day premiering Iron Man and The Avengers. In recognition of Marvel’s anniversary, fans can expect exclusive swag, collectibles, and in-theater events.

Since the festival films will showcase exclusively in IMAX, take advantage of witnessing three MCU hits that have never before been seen on IMAX screens such as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Marvelites can purchase $8 dollar tickets here!

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