Drake Spends $10k On Gifting Fans With Ice Cream

Kiki, do you love Ice Cream?

Drake’s double-sided album, Scorpion, isn’t the only thing on fire this summer! 🔥

LA heatwaves are no joke… Fortunately for locals this past Sunday, Drake had the perfect idea to cool things down. The rapper-singer threw down $10,000 for over 1,000 frozen treats to be given out in 5 different locations in L.A.

The ice cream carts were decked out in lyrics from various tracks on his album. The company Ice Cream Occasions was more than happy to hand out individually wrapped ice creams to fans, especially since the temperatures reached close to triple digits in the Hidden Hills and Calabasas locations where the carts were stationed.

The spontaneous giveaway follows a record-breaking month with a handful of his newly released songs on the Hot 100 and a viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge which has fans doing a catchy dance while being filmed from a moving car. Though his ice cream stunt seems to be a promotion for his new album, we can’t help but think that he may have something more up his sleeve.

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