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A Hot New Spanish Restaurant Is Making Its Way To Highland Park

Mark your calendars to take a peek at a Spanish menu through a California lens at Otoño.

Renowned L.A. chef Teresa Montaño plans to bring the flavors of Valencia to Highland Park.

Later this month, Chef Montano is set to debut her Spanish-inspired restaurant on the busiest block in Highland Park! Before deciding to venture out for the creation of her own restuarant called Otoño, Montaño was running Pasadena’s critically acclaimed Ración, a Basque-inspired cuisine which focuses more on bread opposed to rice because of its region. But as she explained to, “because there are so few Spanish restaurants in L.A., I think people automatically go to those really recognizable dishes like paella.”

To cater to the demands of her clients’ palates, Montaño traveled to the birthplace of paella: Valencia, Spain. Making sure to sample ‘the authentic stuff’ and shadow up-and-coming Spanish chefs, Montaño developed her own technique which has now flourished into Highland Park’s very own paella paradise. Serving her guests in a 1920’s building with 20-foot brick walls and massive pillars, this fresh yet vintage eatery includes a distinct flare on its fusion of cultures.

Not shying away from culinary diversity, Montaño plans to prepare the traditional Spanish recipes with a modern edge by including California ingredients and Asian influences. Ontoño will serve a variety of paellas like a version filled with local Santa Barbara mussels, prawns, and sweet shrimp and for a paella negra, with Japanese squid ink. Even a vegan paella made with fresh farmers market produce will be available on the menu alongside a variety of reinvented tapas. For Montaño, Otoño is “kind of a culmination of listening to what people want and what they’re expecting from a Spanish restaurant, and also just remembering how delicious and special paella can be.”

Otoño, 5715 N. Figueroa St, Los Angeles 90042. See it on Google maps.


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