Sugarfish Is Adding A Secret ‘Trust Me’ Menu For Its 10th Year Anniversary

The infamous sushi restaurant is gifting guests with a new off-menu surprise!

If you’ve ever eaten at Sugarfish you know that half of what makes the meal so delectable is the restaurants serving style. 🍣

In honor of being around for a decade-long, chef and owner Kazunori Nozawa has added a fourth anc off-menu “Trust Me” option for the first time ever! As of right now, you can choose from three options, all of which increase in price and follow Sugarfish’s most popular style of ordering. Choose between the “Trust Me Lite,” “Trust Me,” and “The Nozawa Trust Me,” – all which are served in tiers according to the format of the selected prefixed menu.

Though the restaurant’s latest feature isn’t listed on the menu, your server will know what you’re talking about if you ask for the “Don’t Think, Just Eat.” The limited-time special is available at all Sugarfish locations and will remain on the secret menu until the end of the month in honor of Sugarfish’s 10 year anniversary! Going for a solid $52 a pop, the latest dish stays true to the “Nozawa” technique which requires very little to no sauce in the recipe which involves nigiri, sashimi, and hand rolls. If you’re a regular you might also notice a few new preparations, sauces, and slices incorporated into “Don’t Think, Just Eat,” unlike its sister items.

Join in on the celebration and try the limited-time mouthwatering meal before it’s gone!

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