This Mesmerizing Black Soft-Serve Is Taking Over Little Tokyo

Don't treat yourself, let Bae treat you instead.

Don’t knock it before you try it! 🖤

As soon as you walk into Bae a neon sign reads “with love, from bae” in perfect cursive. Scattered across the shop are handfuls of patrons, each with Little Tokyo’s newest addition in hand: activated charcoal ice cream!

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Bae’s crown jewel – a captivating black and white swirled soft serve – may catch you by surprise at first due to its unfamiliar tint. The color comes from activated charcoal which has many health benefits such as whitening teeth, extracting toxins, and lowering cholesterol!

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Though black ice cream may seem strange or like it may leave your mouth looking like Beetle Juice, its pineapple flavor will immediately erase any concern you have about the unique frozen treat. Choose between their most popular flavors, Mixed Feelings or Heartbreak poured into a sugar cone of your preference; black OG, red valentine, or green matcha. If you’re not in the mood for soft-serve, try their activated charcoal infused coffee or doughnuts!

Location: 369 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. See it on Google maps.

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