Summon The Spirit Of Halloween With These 13 Bewitching Activities

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Summon The Spirit Of Halloween With These 13 Bewitching Activities

Here are the most thrilling events to look forward to this October!

Halloween has been resurrected and the month will be filled with delightful frights and crawling with all the familiar creeps. But fear not, if you’ve had enough scares for one year, there are still plenty of family-friendly events and activities to make your October a memorable adventure. From drive-through pumpkin picking to encounters with the dead, here are all the thrilling things happening.

1. Head To A Haunted Wedding Party In A Secret Cemetary In Hollywood

haunted wedding
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Celebrate this merry matrimony, guests will be whisked off to the land of the dead (a haunted cemetery in L.A) to join haunted guests and enjoy libations served by Jack’s unliving relatives. You’ll choose from three different lunch options: Guest of the Dead, Deadly Time and Rest In Peace. Book your seat and dine with the dead.

2. Channel Your Inner Witchiness Into The Art Of Boozy Potion-Making

mixology class

Get out your robes and wands and gather around the cauldron for a bewitching night of wicked fun! There’s a magical potion class coming straight to your doorstep and it’s filled with witchy tricks and boozy treats. For this Hocus Pocus master class, you can park your brooms and allow the baddest witches in the business to bring everything you need straight to your doorstep. Sign up for an night of delectable sorcery here.

3. Lock Your Car Doors And Sink Your Fangs Into This Delicious Halloween Feast

foodie halloween
Credit: Bite LA

Calling all food lovers with an appetite for tasty thrills and scrumptious scares. There’s Halloween foodie drive-through experience taking over Legg Lake at Whittier Narrows this fall and you’ll want to get a bite! From October 2 to November 1, Angelenos will be treated to an eerie food crawl, a virtual campfire, and a “creature safari” along with a few other tricks at The Bite LA.

4. The Santa Monica Mountains Will Be Illuminated With A Jack O’Lantern Drive-Thru

Credit: Nights of the Jack

King Gillette Ranch in the Santa Monica mountains will be illuminated with thousands of hand-carved Jack O’Lanterns. Visitors can expect all the same Halloween magic from previous years with huge pumpkin installations, pumpkins featuring detailed portraits of celebrities, sports stars, and animated characters. This year the spectacle will kick off on Thursday, October 1 and run through Sunday, November 1.

5. Head To The Drive-Through Pumpkin Patch And Trick-Or-Treating Wonderland

things to do october

This “Haunt’Oween LA” experience by Experiential Supplywill be dazzling eager trick-or-treaters with large scale multi-sensory scenes, live actors (who will all be practicing social distancing), interactive pumpkin-picking, candy-collecting and an immersive Jack-O-Lantern tunnel. It’s all your usual neighborhood traditions souped-up with elaborate Hollywood-grade production.

6. Watch A Classic Film And Sip On Cocktails Under The Stars

Enjoy this cinematic open-air soiree, featuring mouthwatering cocktails inspired by classic films. You’ll be whisked away on a magical journey into the world of where cinema spills out into your surroundings and even the glass in your hands. Get your tickets before the curtains fall at the end of October.

Delve into the mystical aspects of by joining yoga instructor Devon Riesenbeck and sommelier Evan Charest of Severance Wine Bar for an hour-long yoga class followed by a tasting of four Rosé Wines. You’ll taste wines from throughout the globe for a special Halloween edition of Rosé & Yoga. Book yourself a session here.

8. Meet Your Host And Buckle Up For A Haunted Hayride 

Credit: Haunted Hayride 

Like everything else this summer, events are being saved by the drive-through (or ‘drive-up’) model. And the Haunted Hayride is no exception. This year the producers of one of L.A.’s beloved holiday events are bringing you a trail of thrills to experience from the safety of your car. Tickets for the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride: Live Drive-Up Experience are already on sale and can be bought here.

9. Ride Into The Darkness And Explore This Haunted House In O.C. 

Credit: Urban Legends of California

But fear not, the spooky holiday traditions will still be upheld in Costa Mesa thanks to this drive-through haunted house experience. Urban Legends of Southern California will conjure up all SoCal’s most terrifying urban legends, cursed souls and monsters that have haunted residents for generations. Whether it’s the mysterious winds that howl through the streets or the unnatural presences that make your hairs stand up, familiar stories will be brought to life through a series thrills. Get your tickets here

10. Dine With Dracula And Go On A Hunt For Clues With This Virtual Murder Mystery

During this Virtual Murder Mystery Clue Chase, a dinner party that takes place in real-time, you’ll play a character and work together with your fellow dinner guests to find the vampire and either help them regain humanity or seal their fate… all before dessert! Book your seat at the table and let the fun begin!


11. Follow The Crumbs And Visit ‘The Witch House’ of Beverly Hills

the witch house
Credit: Lori Branham

While it may seem like you’ll be lured in by a mysterious resident with a suspicious wart and broom collection, it is in fact the home of a real estate agent Michael J. Libow. This whimsical ‘Witch House’ brings storybook imagination to life through flawless attention to detail and it’s the perfect way to celebrate get into the Halloween spirit.

12. Choose Your Journey Through These 5 Acres Of Eerie Farmland And Let The Mystery Unfold

fright farms
Credit: DEED Entertainment

Fright Farm has added a ‘Not So Spooky Farm’ to the mix, so those that have had their fair share of acres for the year can opt for the alternative to Fright Farms Drive-Thru that offers a little less of the creepiness and terror. Choose your journey and find out more here.

13. Check Into One Of These Creepy Cabins From Ratched

Who would have thought all the twisted plotting and pondering of Nurse Mildred Ratched (Sarah Paulson) could take place in one of these humble cabins perched on a cliff in sunny California? And fans can rent a room at this rustic lodge in Big Sur for a getaway. Find out more here.

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