20 Pictures Of L.A. That Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

Remember the first time you fell in love with Los Angeles? 💕

Whether it was the year-round sunny skies, palm tree-lined streets, or random yet unbelievably magical nights – L.A. is a pretty easy city to fall head over heels for.

That’s not to say that the traffic and “valley girl” accents don’t get to us every now and then. (But seriously, everyone thinks about moving while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 10 freeway, right?)

We feel your pain Angelenos; the City of Angeles is a place of dream-chasing, ambition, and opportunity, but occasionally, we need a little reminder of how awesome this place is. That’s why we’ve gathered 20 pictures that will make you fall in love with L.A. all over again!

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