A Rare Super Bloom Of Desert Flowers Will Be The Pop Of Color Your IG Posts Need

A rainy winter well spent brings a week of Spring content!

Thanks to a favorable amount of rain this season, nature is on track to treat us with a beautifully rare display. The grounds of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are expected to be carpeted with colorful wildflowers at the beginning of March though sprouts of desert sunflowers, sand verbena, and desert lilies have already risen for the occasion.

“Super Blooms” consist of an unusually high number of wildflowers blossoming and really only occur if particular conditions are met. While flowers bloom every Spring, it’s quite rare to witness a super bloom. It can be years between the blooms – the last one to pop up in the area was in 2017, and before that was in ’08.

The magical field of flowers is sure to attract a swarm of people trying to snap a pic for the ‘gram. In 2017 around 200,000 visitors flocked to Anza-Borrego, with the nearest town of Borrego Springs being a community of about 3,000!

[Featured photo: Pam Blake]

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