What’s Better Than A Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts For $1? We’ll Wait…

The beloved donut spot is back it again with another round of “Day of the Dozens” just in time for the holidays! 🍩

It’s almost an absolute guarantee that you’ll end up on everyone’s ‘Nice List’ if you gift them with a Krispy Kreme donut this season.

On Wednesday, December 12 (12/12), customers can get a dozen doughnuts for only $1 with the purchase of a separate dozen; get a variety, all chocolate, or an assortment of the special holiday flavors – seriously, whatever your stomach desires! The second dozen will consist of the classic: 12 original glazed, which we believe is fair-game to label the best.

A dozen Krispy Kreme usually costs about $8-$9 dollars, so that means that you’ll be getting 24 donuts for less than $10 dollars! Customers can use the deal twice, which would max you out at 48 donuts… but to be honest, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend hump day than scarfing down enough donuts until we look like Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

With Christmas right around the corner, no one has time to pass up on a deal.

Whether you plan to hand them out or eat them yourself – it’s one of those holiday promotions you won’t want to miss.

Find a Krispy Kreme location near you, here!
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