Airbnbs in LA Are Going To Have To Get Consent From The City in 2019

The Los Angeles City Council has passed regulations limiting the number of units rented out through Airbnb! 😱

Under long-awaited regulations that were passed on Tuesday, Airbnb hosts will only be allowed to rent out homes that they live in. Before they do, hosts will be required to register with the city and pay an $89 fee.

On top of it all, they’ll only be able to rent them out for a maximum of 120 days per year. If hosts down own the unit they wish to rent to travelers, they’re going to have to submit and attain approval from their landlord first.

While Airbnb’s mission is to provide hosts a platform to rent out their personal or vacation homes, city officials and residents fought long and hard to limit hosts’ ability to rent out properties that they don’t live in. Tuesday’s vote is working to resolve concerns about having tourists roaming around residential neighborhoods or throwing obnoxious parties.

Additionally, the new rules indicate that no more than two guests are permitted per room and that guests can’t use any sound amplifying equipment of any sorts. So basically, we can kiss those Summer mansion parties goodbye…

Regulations take effect beginning July 1, 2019.

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