Amazon Is Partnering With Coachella So That Festival Goers Can Order Same Day Delivery

You can pack a lot lighter this year thanks to Amazon!

Lost your sunscreen? No problem!
Need to charge your phone? They’ve got it covered!
Outfit change? You got it!

This year, Coachella attendees can send whatever they left behind (or lost) to a collection of Amazon Lockers that will be onsite at the Empire Polo Club gates. As long as the item is ordered through Amazon, customers can receive their package within a day! According to a press release, there will also be a storefront where customers can shop for lockers, camping essentials, fashion and wellness products – you name it!

Make the most out of your weekend without having to stress about catching a lift to the nearest grocery store to pick up any last minute items – you can literally order whatever you need with your smartphone. When the package is ready for pick up customers will get an email with a barcode and voila, you can get back to partying! No more waiting in an hour in line to buy an extra pair of sunglasses. This is the future people, and we’re so here for it… now, who’s on the line-up again?

If you can’t wait until April to get your party on, find more events like Coachella here!

[Featured photo: Business Wire]

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