NASA Has A Yearly Pumpkin-Carving Contest And It’s Out Of This World

Once a year, NASA’s engineers take a break from exploring space to build insanely impressive jack-o’-lanterns. 🎃

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena threw an unofficial pumpkin carving contest and the masterpieces were definitely designed by people with some serious engineering skills. The only rule: no planning, carving or competing during work hours.

When JPL had their first competition seven years ago, they had no idea how serious people were going to take it. Now it has become a company tradition featuring hovering, robotic, and just straight-up creative pumpkins. Employees gather on their lunch breaks to roam around a dark room where the pumpkins flicker for attention by a panel of judges.

This year included some pretty interesting contestants.

The JPLers have to create a plan during their free time, and when the competition comes around, they spend lunch carving and building their incredible ideas to life. While some take on beloved themes others truly dive into the world of science and create unbelievable works of art. You would never guess that the winning prize is the right to brag about how rad your pumpkin came out!

For tips on how to create a Halloween pumpkin like a NASA engineer, click here!

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