Thanks To All This Rain, L.A. Drivers Have To Worry About Dodging Traffic And Potholes

If you thought potholes were bad before, you may want to stay off the roads.

There have been over a hundred calls to the LA Department of Public Works after the recent rains, insisting that action is taken about the increase in potholes covering the streets of LA (and the rest of SoCal for that matter.)

Doug Shupe of AAA explains that “when moisture gets into the cracks of these — the pavement, and after the cars are driving over it, they start to crumble.”

We all do our best to dodge these annoyances in the road during our daily commutes through the city, but some have not been so lucky. Potholes can cause major damage to cars, which can result in some heavy repair bills. However, there is some good news. It’s been said that if your car is damaged from a pothole, you can file a claim for reimbursement with the city. Yes, please!

Doug Shupe also gave some tips on how to avoid a need for repairs due to potholes. For one, he actually says its better to not swerve around the potholes. Instead, slowly pump the breaks and making sure your tires are straight. Additionally, if you see a pothole, report it as you see it on the MyLA311 App. It allows you to drop a pin exactly where the pothole is, and someone will hopefully be notified to fix it! Pretty sweet if you ask us.

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