Update: Joshua Tree National Park Isn’t Closing After All

Despite the NPA’s recent announcement about Joshua Tree closing down, the park will remain open.

Earlier this week, after reporting about the National Park Service’s decision to close Joshua Tree National Park due to an absurd amount of trash and destruction, officials have retracted their initial statement. Some of the campgrounds that were previously closed off, will reopen Thursday morning.

In their original statement, the NPS noted because of the ongoing government shut down that they would be dipping into the funds made from entrance fees to the park. The money would go towards all of the repairs, sanitary, and safety issues that arose during the unfortunate lapse in appropriations beginning on January 10 at 8 a.m.

But on Wednesday, the NPS announced that the money being used would also fund keeping a few visitor services going, including reopening the 800,000-acre park and campgrounds.

The government shutdown began on December 22 of last year forcing federal workers to take some time off including employees of the park who usually clean, restock bathrooms, and patrol the area. As a result, trash cans and vault toilets at Joshua Tree weren’t being emptied ultimately resulting in a health hazard. New roads were also being created by motorists and a handful of Joshua trees were being demolished.

On a brighter note, volunteers and local residents stepped in over the bust holiday season to help tackle some of much needed clean up.

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