Craft That Special Someone The Perfect Valentine This Year

Finding the perfect Valentine for the one you love isn’t always an easy task. 💕

But in all honesty, who doesn’t adore a personally crafted token of affection? It’s almost certain that your someone special will appreciate anything you pour your heart into (and if they don’t – thank you, next!) So why not warm someone’s heart with a hand-made Valentine instead of that cheesy card you spotted at Target during your toilet paper run.

Sure beats having to fit scrambling around in a panic into your schedule, because, seriously… who has time for that?

Per usual, we’ve got you covered!

Fever is hosting a stamp making craft night! Check all those V-day to-dos off your list while actually enjoying yourself at the same time!

Art lover Lisha Brooks is teaching the ultimate DIY class where you can carve your own St. Valentine, flower, cactus, or monogram stamp! All of the materials will be provided and if you want to booze things up a bit (and tbh, who’s ever said no to wine on craft night), drinks will be available for purchase at the bar throughout the evening.

Make your Valentine’s Day cards all the more special!
Book your spot on the Fever app, here.

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