Become An Ice Cream Expert At Chillbachi Ice Grill In DTLA

It's all fun and games until it's time to leave!

Instead of going out for a scoop, why not create the perfect ice cream flavor catered to your tastebuds? 🍦

Who doesn’t appreciate ice cream? At Chillbachi Ice Grill in Downtown Los Angeles, work with an experienced chef in an intimate setting to construct the best ice cream you’ve had in a while. Learn to specialize in rolling techniques and add all the things you want to make this customized dessert adventure extra special. Ingredients like fruit, cereal, and cookie crumbs are all locally sourced and help to make the perfect blend of flavors and textures! Even vegan options are available!

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The hour and a half session allows you to dabble around in the kitchen and the best part is that it’s “all you can eat.” Come in for date night, or bring in a big group of friends – whichever you decide, once you hop behind the ice grill you’re free to sample and make all the curly creations your stomach desires! Book your session here!

Location: 1040 South Los Angeles Street Unit 14 Los Angeles, CA, 90015. See it on Google maps.

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