Binge Out On Over 90 Food Items For Only $6.60 At The L.A. County Fair

The L.A. County Fair’s theme this year is Route 66 leading food specials to cost only $6.60!

The rides, games, and concerts are great and all, but… food! If you’re a foodie, then head over to the Los Angeles County Fair as fast as you can!

Upon your arrival, bask in the smell of funnel cake, kettle corn, turkey legs, and teriyaki. More importantly, all of your deep-fried dreams can come true without damaging your wallet (though your stomach may suggest otherwise.) During your quest, be sure to keep an eye out for the California license plate for a heads up on which vendors have a $6.60 food item!

The Route 66 lineup includes over 90 dish specials covering everything from massive corn dogs, chocolate beef jerky, a giant cone of fries, and deep-fried Pineapples. Many of the specials even include a fountain drink so you won’t have to worry about sitting by a water fountain to wash down the remainings between sampling.

Find the full Route 66 menu here!

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