5 Quintessential L.A. Hikes To Take While Tourists Are Away

The Hollywood Sign Hike

Felipe Fornellas


There are three different ways to get to the Hollywood sign and they offer different views along the way and of the sign itself


Seascape Trail



The 1.5-mile hike in Palos Verdes is truly stunning! Capture where the charming horizon of the Pacific Ocean meets Catalina Island.

Alan Rovira

Bronson Cave


Nisarga Ekbote

Visit a true Los Angeles gem while hiking to this man-made “cave.” The Griffith Park tunnel was a popular filming location during the ’60s . 

Jorge Gardner

Switzer Falls


Grace Wang

Though it’s a bit of a drive out of the city, the majestic views are definitely worth it and the waterfalls are probably doing better then usual! 

Eaton Canyon Falls



The hike to this 40-foot waterfall would be the perfect place to bring along a furry friend considering how wide the pathways are. 


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