Catch Yosemite’s Famous Glowing ‘Firefall’ Miraculously Ignite This Weekend!

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Catch Yosemite’s Famous Glowing ‘Firefall’ Miraculously Ignite This Weekend!

Get ready to witness nature work its magic!

There are only a couple more days left to catch a glimpse of Yosemite’s fiery orange waterfall, so you should plan on heading out… now! This time every year, on the east side of El Capitan, the Horsetail Fall cascade appears as though it’s pouring vibrantly glowing lava down the mountain just as the sunsets. The captivating natural phenomenon attracts over 1,000 photographers and sightseers. Featured Photo: @wildcalifornia_]

On another note, seeing something this pretty doesn’t come easy. Expect to hike through snow to see the glowing waterfall – the only parking available will be in the Yosemite Falls parking area which is located about a mile away from prime firefall viewing spots.

This totally ‘grammable moment will look its best this Friday starting around 5:28 pm and end around 5:40 pm, according to AccuWeather. Though the best possible evening to witness the event will be this Friday the 22, you may be able to catch the spectacular occurrence earlier in the week or over the weekend. This may potentially be the best road, and mind, trip in all of 2019! See you there…

In the meantime, check out these cool pics!

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