13 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Friday The 13th In 2020

Colby Smith Colby Smith

13 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Friday The 13th In 2020

Keep your head on a swivel, everyone.

For non-superstitious folk, Friday the 13th has long been a non-event, somewhere between an oddity and an office anecdote. At most Friday the 13th has been an excuse to watch a scary movie – maybe even starring Jason Vorhees to get meta – but otherwise, the blue moon event is just a day another day the week. In 2020, however, a year plagued with disaster, turmoil, and murder hornets every step of the way, there’s a touch more cause for concern. Given the circumstances, we’ve rounded up 13 reactions on social media that we can all relate to for Friday the 13th in 2020:

1. Best case scenario.

2. Just pretend it’s not happening.

3. There’s ANOTHER one??

4. Something’s not right…

5. Sparrow counting sounds like a safe option today.

6. Regarding this year in general.

7. When it dawns on you…

8. Yeah, probably.

9. If I see a black cat today I’m literally going to s*** my pants

10. Great day to quarantine, don’t ya think?

11. Fishing should not be on your itinerary.

12. Simpsons did it.

13. Me just waiting for the portal to open.