You Can Be Fined Up To $300 For Not Wearing A Mask In West Hollywood Now

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You Can Be Fined Up To $300 For Not Wearing A Mask In West Hollywood Now

Officials pledge to enforce masks in West Hollywood as case numbers surge.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department of West Hollywood announced that those not conforming to the state-wide mandate to wear a mask in high-risk or public settings, will be fined. A citation will cost $250 plus a $50 fee ($300 in total) for the first offense—which is administrative and not criminal.

“As always, we will do our best to enforce all laws without bias, using good judgment and common sense.  We respectfully ask our community to please wear a face mask while in public in an effort to control the spread of the virus and keep everyone healthy,” officials stated.


The mask order that went into place on June 18, was issued by Governor Gavin Newsom with the intention of driving education around the matter rather than using citations to enforce it. However, with the extreme and prolonged rise in cases, the public health risk has become too great to rely on compliance.

While there is substantial evidence supporting mask-wearing as a way of curbing the transmission of the virus, county authorities have said that they will not enforce it.

Now that the situation has drastically escalated over the last week, Newsom and Mayor Eric Garcetti have been taking swift action to reinstate lockdown measures that had just recently begun to be loosened. Indoor service at restaurants, wineries, entertainment centers, movie theaters, zoos, museums and card rooms has been rescinded for the next three weeks. Bars have been shut down altogether and beaches will be closed for the weekend of the Fourth.

In Santa Monica, residents could be fined $100 if they don’t wear a mask or maintain a six-foot distance from others. The second will cost $250 and a third violation will be $500. Any businesses found not complying with COVID-19 related mandates could receive up to $1,000 in fines.

Authorities in Beverly Hills and Monterey have announced that they’ll be citing those without masks in public.

“Everyone should be wearing your face covering. I’m not asking you; I’m telling you,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in at an address.

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