5 Swimming Spots Around LA That Aren’t The Beach

Nothing in LA comes easy… you’ll have to hike to it first!

Living in Los Angeles means having access to some of the most iconic beaches in the world, but few know that our lovely dessert-bound city offers so much more.

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons with a new source of water to take a refreshing dip, there are plenty of places near the city to cool down from the Southern Californian sun. And in true Angeleno fashion, you can even fit in a little workout while you discover Mother Nature’s hidden gems! Here’s a list of five swimming spots around LA that aren’t the beach. [Featured photo: @garyintheworld]

1. Malibu Creek Rock Pool

Leap into summer (literally) by taking a short hike through Malibu State Park to the Malibu Creek Rock Pool! The area tends to get crowded in the warmer seasons, but locals find it to be no problem since you can easily cool off by jumping into the water off a rock!

2. Eaton Canyon

Okay, you won’t actually be able to swim the shallow waters at the waterfall pool located at the end of this hike – but you’ll definitely enjoy wading through the waters before you take a refreshing dip under the waterfall! Plus, this makes the perfect location if you’re looking for your next “nature bae” profile pic.

3. Cooper Canyon Falls

Getting to Cooper Canyon Falls isn’t a complicated task, all you have to do is start at the Buckhorn Campground and take the Burkhart Trail! The water isn’t deep, but considering how refreshing the water will feel on a warm summer’s day – you’ll probably be able to figure something out.

4. Hermit Falls

You’ll have to climb down to get to the swimming hole after a short hike, but we promise – it’s sooo worth it. With people trecking up and down the rocks can get a bit slippery, so be careful and hold on the rope for extra safety. Though you may see people (hopefully pros) jumping off the rocks, it’s not recommended.

5. Bridge to Nowhere

This has to be one of our favorite places in LA, ever! The 5-mile hike can be a bit tiring, but you’ll feel on top of the world once you get to the actual bridge that leads to… nowhere. But that’s not completely true considering if you climb below the bridge you’ll find a number of blue swimming holes that scream: “swim in me!” If you’re really on the hunt for a good time carve out some extra time to find the secret swing!

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