3.7 Earthquake Shook L.A. This Morning, And Twitter Felt It

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

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In the early hours of Earth Day, everyone in L.A. took to Twitter to scream “earthquake!”

At around 12:03 on Wednesday morning, L.A. experienced a 3.7-magnitude earthquake causing a light rumble through the L.A. Basin, San Fernando, San Gabriel valleys and northern Orange County.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake was centered two miles from Baldwin Hills and Inglewood, rattling through the View Park. There were over 18,000 responses to the USGS’s “Did You Feel It?” website, with residents reporting that the earthquake was felt as far as Santa Barbara to the north, Victorville to the east and San Diego County to the south. The earthquake’s epicenter is estimated to have been about half a mile southeast of Slauson and La Brea avenues.

And in that rare unifying moment, everyone went onto Twitter to tell everyone else about it or check whether they were having an aneurism. Or as comedian and writer @dxxnya put it, “everyone in LA tweeting about an earthquake as if they didn’t choose to live in a giant, vibrating mudslide that also catches fire sometimes.”

Here’s a roundup of all the reactions.

Chrissy Teigen claims to have been first to call it.

Like everyone else, she also noticed the uncanny timing of it all.

Comedian and Youtuber, Kenny Knox, needed to confirm his health status.

Desus Nice reminded everyone to check themselves.

Some residents slept right through it.

While others wanted everyone to be as freaked out as they were.

Josh Gad asked the question for everyone else.

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