Explore This Coastal Treasure With Incredible Tide Pools, Just 40 Minutes From LAX

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Abalone Cove Shoreline

Nature lovers, this Palos Verdes paradise is for you.

There’s no therapy like nature and once you arrive at Abalone Cove Shoreline, the abundant marine life, channels with kelp forests, cool caves, gorgeous tide pools waves crashing against the rugged coastline will instantly wash your week’s worries away. This ecological gem along the peninsula offers hiking trails with breathtaking views, three coves, plenty of nature and a castle museum to explore.

If you take around a 40-minute drive south of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), you’ll get to Abalone Cove Shoreline where you can park for a fee before 4 pm. You can meander along the bluffs, often covered in a blanket of yellow wildflowers, where you can admire the views, maybe even spot a whale or two, before trailing down to the coves. The three main parts to explore are Abalone Cove Beach, Sacred Cove and Portuguese Bends. Each has unique attributes and are all worth taking.

You can start by with the Sacred Cove Trail until you reach the water edge, from there, head right to get to the first cave and get acquainted with vivid urchins, sea slugs, and starfish bathing in the tide pools (depending on the tide, of course).

If you head back to where you started and go left this time, you’ll get to the second cave. You’ll notice unique, standalone rock formations and tunnels with waters rushing in creating dramatic bubbly splashes before withdrawing to reveal bright aqua waters and green kelp life below. The third cave is over the channel and no attempts should be made to get across it unless you’re highly experienced.

To get to the next cave, you can head up the Cliffside Trail to Inspiration Point Trail, then you’ll get to the Archery Coast Trail which takes you to the final cave. keep a healthy distance from sea lions (this is effectively their front porch) and look out for dolphins journeying from Catalina Island. This land is protected by law, so don’t take anything home with you except what you brought in.

To get a clearer picture of the shoreline, you can see a map of the trail here..

Location: 5970 Palos Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

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