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Fall Down The Rabbit Hole And Into A Boozy Wonderland With This Bottomless Outdoor Brunch

By Ashlyn Davis

Join the madness and go on a boozy adventure at Alice’s Mad Hatter Outdoor Brunch!

Find yourself in the middle of a fairytale at a brunch like no other! It all begins with a first step off Hudson Avenue and falling down, down, down the Black Rabbit Rose hole where you’ll join The Mad Hatter on a bottomless journey through an outdoor wonderland. We’re all mad in L.A., but here you’re invited to take off your hat, take a seat at the table and go utterly bonkers

Once you’re at your table a magical potion will be presented to you that reads “Drink Me,” where the adventure begins! Plates will shrink and expand before your very eyes as you go from course to course. The tricks continue as magicians pop up at your table to make you believe the impossible while you’re tucking away delicious homemade scrambled eggs, bacon, and country-fried potatoes—there’s also a vegan option of Organic tofu scramble with Cumin & turmeric, Country fried potatoes, diced bell peppers and onions & Vegan Bacon.  

As things get curiouser and curiouser, Alice will be spinning enchanting beats guaranteed to get you Futterwacken. Then, to make sure you don’t lose your muchness, there’ll be Wonderland cocktails and beers to sip on along with other special treats. Of course, your four-legged creature is welcome to join you on this fantastical journey into mayhem. 

You’ll have two adventures to choose from: the morning brunch between 10:30 am and 1 pm, and an afternoon brunch between 1:30 pm and 4 pm. But it doesn’t matter which path you take, they’ll both take you somewhere wondrous. 

Of course, you never know what could happen at a party in Wonderland. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that your safety is of the utmost importance. All COVID-19 government guidelines will be followed during the event, including temperature checks at the door, touchless payments for any additional purchases, and social distancing markers on the ground. You’ll also be required to wear a mask whenever you leave your table with fantastical creatures reminding all guests to do so.

Off with the usual attire! Give in to your imagination, change a few times and you’ll fit right in. 

Don’t be late for this very important date! Be sure to reserve your space here.

Featured Image: PXFUEL

Alice's Mad Hatter Outdoor Bottomless Brunch
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