Barack Obama Will Speak For The First Time On-Camera About George Floyd Today

By Claire Leaden

Many Americans have looked to former President Barack Obama’s leadership during this time of unrest in the nation.

Though he did put out a statement and shared other resources, now he will be verbally addressing the country on-camera for the first time. The event will be live-streamed on his website Obama.org here, at 2pm PT today, June 3.

It will be organized as a virtual town hall, The Hill reported, that will also include former Attorney General Eric Holder and police reform activists. An Obama aide let the outlet know the meeting would address “the ongoing problem of racial bias in the criminal justice system and the way to bring about meaningful change.”

The address comes after protests all over the country this week, marching against the killing of George Floyd by police officers and then turning into a much larger movement against police brutality toward Black people and overarching issues of systemic racism.

featured image source: Shutterstock