Have Beer Delivered To Your Doorstep Along With Adorable, Adoptable Puppies

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Have Beer Delivered To Your Doorstep Along With Adorable, Adoptable Puppies

Beer and a new best friend!

So you’ve adopted your local brewery’s delivery guy as your therapy pet and your beer glass has become your new happy hour bestie in the last few months. But what if you had man’s best friends and man’s best beverage delivered to your door instead? Luckily, this wonderful L.A.-based craft brewery Golden Road Brewing is doing just that.

To kick off national dog day on August 26th (for those of you that forgot the date), Golden Road will be delivering their new IPA to you alongside adorable (and adoptable) little pups from dog rescue center Wags & Walks. No pressure though, if you’re not looking to adopt right now, you can just give the cuties a few pats and belly rubs and their tails will be wagging.

Hazy Pup IPA will have proceeds directed all year round to the heartwarming cause set up by Wags & Walks, a charity designed to help orphaned dogs find homes while making sure they’re well looked after in the interim. Angelenos who make the order for some great beer will have it delivered alongside a really good boy any time from August 27th to Saturday 29th, from 12 pm-4 pm. All socially acceptable beer-drinking times.
If those adorable puppy eyes inspire a donation of $50, you’ll even get something in return: two 6-packs of Hazy Pup, a Golden Road discount code, and a few more fun surprises.

Wags & Walks will also be holding a “puppy party” at their Adoption Center on Wednesday, August 26th where Hazy Pup IPA can be picked-up. While sales of Hazy Pup will support the rescue, locals can also show their support by visiting WWGala2020.givesmart.com to join Wags & Walk’s first-ever virtual auction to celebrate 10 years of rescuing dogs in need across LA.
More information about Wags & Walks, Golden Road, and the doggy drop-offs can be found at HazyPup.beer.
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