A Gallery Of The Beautiful Black Lives Matter Street Art Around L.A.

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A Gallery Of The Beautiful Black Lives Matter Street Art Around L.A.

Here are some of the works that have appeared around L.A. in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The death of George Floyd has sparked a worldwide movement and it has been the unfortunate reminder that change can no longer wait. While thousands have gathered to march the streets in protest of police brutality and social injustice, art has become a peaceful form of protest and a way of propelling the movement. For some, it has also been an outlet to express the overwhelming pain and anger at the ongoing issue. The parallel between the impermanent nature of street art and the lives they represent, not only conveys the message in a powerful way but also connects people.

Across L.A., artists have come together in a beautiful community effort, to transform the boarded-up storefronts and create emotive outdoor galleries in honor of those that have lost their lives to police violence and to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement. Tayen Kim, an artist and illustrator, organized the #artforlasboards initiative which paired artists with store owners in Melrose. Within 24 hours, around 40 artists and volunteers gathered covered 7 different stores in L.A. with the artwork. The idea was inspired by “Paint the City Peaceful” which started when many businesses were destroyed by looters in Santa Monica.

“This passive, yet powerful, statement proactively propels the city’s commitment to achieving racial equality while supporting our neighbors, local businesses, and allies across the world in a mutually monumental, collective effort,” their statement reads.

Below are some of the beautiful works from individual artists and collectives around the city. If you would like to get involved you can get in touch with the collectives above, donate to The Peoples City Council Freedom Fund, or find a number of ways to take action here.

Highland Park

Artist: @tristaneaton


Artist: @therobertvargas

Santa Monica

Artist: @davidpuckartist

Artist: @sarasandovalart



Artist: @kaseyjonesink

Artists: @evanmayormeyer, @rubenrojas, @sel_dog, @kasiasciezka, @ginoflo

Artist: @pigment_of_your_imagination


Artist: @aaron.gonzaalez 

L.A. Fashion District

Artists: @smart_spf and @brittneysprice 


Studio City

Artist: @BournRich


Artist: @tayenkim

Artist: @lizcheeart


Featured Image: @siatheborboel, work by @shanegrammerarts

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