30 Local Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Weekend (And Beyond)

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‘Tis the season of giving and what better way than to treat someone (or yourself) to delightful spoils from these local businesses?

It’s finally here, the controversial Black Friday weekend that makes the news every year, reflecting the shift in attitudes from the Walmart horror stories to the environmentally-conscious brand campaigns. More recently the spotlight has shifted to Cyber Monday to beat the sale fatigue by channeling the chaos into aggressive clicking and scrolling.

Even more recently, the focus has moved towards supporting local businesses with Small Business Saturday wedged in between the two days. Now, in the wake of a pandemic that has disproportionately affected Black communities, it’s time for these independents to shine. However, it goes beyond just a trend or a weekend. Supporting these creative local businesses and boutiques, that create a vibrant place for communities to connect, alive.

Coffee and flower shops

1. Bloom & Plume

Not only is there a stunning selection of vivid floral arrangements that will dazzle anyone, but you can also fill up on coffee creations that are equally gorgeous and will sustain your shopping endeavors.

2. Flowerboy Project

More than just a flower or coffee shop, there’s a range of flaunt-worthy merch too.

3. Nimbus Coffee

A trip to this spellbinding cafe is a treat and it’s impossible to go wrong with a gift card.

3. Sip & Sonder

Delicious brew, tasty bites and slick merch to along with it. They’ve also got great gifts sets so you can seamlessly pass on the experience to someone else.

4.  Coffee by Kofi 

Coffee and mixed-media artworks crafted to perfection. Here you can grab a cup of coffee and get pieces of art, coasters and other pieces handcrafted by Kofi Effah using discarded buttons.

5. Coffee + Plants

Fuel up for the holidays at this gorgeous coffee shop, then browse the books, house plants and other trinkets to find the perfect gift.

6. VanillaBlack

The popular Echo Park spot offers great coffee and has delicious vegan food options too.

7. The Reverse Orangatang 

Tons of coffee, merch and ceramics that make for a perfect gift for any occasion.

8. Boketto Cold Brew

Cold brew on tap and artisanal tea to fuel the seasonal cheer. There’s no gift like being able to make it at home, which is where a subscription comes in handy.

9. Harun

From coffee to authentic cultural threads, you’ll find tons of ways to gift yourself or others here.

10. Undergrind Cafe

Tons of scrumptious things to drink and eat along with little giftable items—like bracelets made by the owner’s 9-year-old.

Apparel and other boutiques

1. Superior Frames

2. Galerie 

Sustainable products with everything from garments and candles to jewelry handmade right here in L.A.

3. Saints 

Apparel boutique and barbershop—it would be difficult to walk out of here not looking sharp.

4.Philthy Ragz

It’s hard to stand out in L.A. but when it comes to everyday fashion and accessories, this is where you’ll want to start looking for unique pieces that make you feel fabulous.

5.  Anges Baddoo

The place for bags in every shape, size and textile. A gift that will go a long way.

6. Lace by Tanaya

For all your shimmering needs, look no further than Lace by Tanya.

7. Roam Vintage

Beautifully curated minimalist vintage pieces.

8. Royal House of Wraps

Bold. creative head wraps and masks.

9. Fear of God

High-end streetwear.

10. Brownie Points for You

Retro art, jewelry and clothing.

Beauty, home and lifestyle goods

1. Tactile Matter

Handmade ceramics, combs, art, and textiles that will bring bold style to your life.

2. LOT XIBeau

Luxurious soaps, candles and other lifestyle products that make for irresistible gifts.

3. 43 Modern Vintage Home

Stunning art and furniture pieces that will help you get any space ‘Gram-worthy.

4. The Underground Museum


Books, apparel and art that will move you.

5. Ron Finley (The Gangsta Gardener)

The man who survived lockdown by growing his own food is changing the way people see plants. You can get his Masterclass or merch here to support his work.

6. BeautyBeez

If you beauty products could be gourmet that’s what you’d find at this shop. Each purchase comes with free samples too!

7. Nail Dega

Bold nail designs that will make anyone feel pretty.

9. Tangana Wellness

All the ingredients you need to feel good—which means everything is non-toxic and eco-friendly too.

9. Cultural Interiors

Living room linen, woven baskets and other home decor items with eclectic prints.

From holiday centerpieces to wreaths, you’ll find a reason to spend here.

Featured Image: Sip & Sonder

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