A Former Masonic Lodge Has Been Transformed Into An Epic Food Market

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blossom market hall

A mouthwatering list of food vendors has just taken up residence in a 72-year-old former Masonic lodge.

San Gabriel Valley’s Blossom Market Hall is a quaint wooden structure, coated in a crisp white coat of paint, but the contents are an eclectic mix of drool-worthy offerings ranging from rich Vietnamese coffees and Korean barbecues to modern twists on Mexican classics. The project was approved in late 2018 and was set to open in 2020—but COVID-19 had other plans. Now, owners Chris and Nellie Tran have finally seen their dream come to life, creating a new community anchor in the Mission District. Plus, they have managed to keep the majority of the 13 original vendors.

The hall is made up of two floors. On the first, you’ll find a 9,000-square-foot space with all the food vendors. On the second floor, there is a 2,000-square-foot gallery, featuring rotating works by local artists, along with a wifi lounge. From the moment you enter, you’ll notice a colorful artwork on the ceiling before the sweet aromas draw you across the room. Your biggest challenge will be deciding what to indulge in. So, to help you navigate this foodie heaven, we’ve picked out our 5 things to try.

1. Yuzu Spritz

Angel and Mason occupy a sleek nook in Blossom Market Food Hall with a curated selection of wine, soju, sake, and artisanal beers, which makes it a perfect stop for a special date or catchup with friends. However, if you find yourself here on a boozy Saturday afternoon, you can easily sip on one of their mouthwatering cocktails that suit a range of tastes. You should definitely try out the Yuzu Spitz, which is a fresh and tangy combination of yuzu sake, soju, and prosecco.

2. Vietnamese Coffee Topped With Egg Froth

For the morning visitors, a fresh roast from AK Fresh Roast is a must. San Gabriel Valley locals Katie and Anne will be serving up fresh American brews while also bringing coffee lovers their distinctive Vietnamese coffees. Fans will already know all about the Vietnamese version of the brew, which consists of a rich Robusta stirred in with ultra sweet, thick condensed milk. The combination strikes a beautifully balanced texture and flavor. If you’re willing to take it a step further, you can try the Vietnamese egg coffee, which adds a light, frothy layer to the top, making it the perfect morning treat.

3. Burnt Pork Belly

While Chef Kyu might be classically trained, he has directed his expertise to the art of the slow, wood-burning southern barbecue. Tuck into succulent strips of pork belly, that literally melt in your mouth, or loaded fries topped with tangy pickled garnishes.

4. Korean Dumplings

The husband and wife duo of Manduyo serve up a menu of Korean fusion cuisine that is high, quality, super-fast and dangerously addictive. Try out these delicately handcrafted parcels that come in a range of natural colors, reflecting the delicious contents of beef and pork.

5.  A Unicorn Crepe

Woos Crepe brings Chinese and American culture together in colorful, flavorful creations. With an authentic Jianbing recipe at its heart and the inventive American spirit, Woos is where you’ll find a menu of matcha, chocolate, and, of course, unicorn flavored crepes. They’re loaded with a selection of fresh fruits and crowned with a selection of toppings.


Location: Blossom Market Hall, 264 S. Mission Drive, San Gabriel, CA

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