Flex Your Mind, Body And Soul With Online Yoga Classes That Fit Your Needs

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The Yoga Collective Studio has an online class for every mood, every day of the week.

As weeks in isolation go by and we slowly mold ourselves to our couch and laptop, switching off now poses a unique challenge. How do we disconnect while staying connected to the outside world? This boutique yoga studio helps you unwind from the rigid lockdown mode and find your flow in as little as 5 minutes a day. 

The Yoga Collective Studio will take you through a virtual journey of strength-focused yoga styles, soothing meditations and cooking classes that will give your body and mind the nourishment it’s craving. Each video class ranges from 5 to 60 minutes and is led by a top industry instructor—that you probably follow on Instagram!

Navigating the world of yoga, pilates and meditation can feel like a whole workout on its own. The magic of this studio is that it allows you to find a class that fits your exact fitness needs and busy quarantine schedule

If you wanted to leave isolation with a new party trick you could learn how to transform yourself into a pretzel and balance your entire body on two arms with an Astavakrasana Flow class. An Inversion class could change up your living room view and get your blood flowing. There’s even a Shoulder Surrender class that everyone working from home could use right now. 

Once you’ve worked up a sweat you can cool down with a Magic Mylkshake, which you can learn to make in one of Sophie Jaffe’s cooking tutorials. 

With over 30 instructors and a range of levels to choose from it’s tough to find a reason not to sign up immediately!

Check out the Yoga Collective Studio classes, here.


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