This NYC Park Painted ‘Social Distancing Circles’ So Parkgoers Stay Six Feet Apart

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

domino park circles

After photos that showed lots of overcrowding two weekends back, Mayor de Blasio started limiting the number of people that could enter Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

But even if there wasn’t additional enforcement, it still looked like a totally different space this past weekend. Park officials spray-painted white circles on the faux-grass lawn that indicated where groups could sit and hang out, while not getting too close to others they haven’t been exposed to yet.

It does seem to be a good middle ground, as there are very clear indicators showing if people are too close, and parkgoers can easily see if the space is full. And, it’s an easy well to tell if you really are six feet apart.

Domino Park is located at 300 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY, right on the East River, and is named for the Domino Sugar Refinery that lived on the same site.

The Mayor also started limiting the amount of New Yorkers at Pier 45 and 46 in Hudson River Park in the West Village and Sheep Meadow in Central Park, which did seem to be pretty spread out if photos are any indication.

Take a look at the new “circle enforcement” below:

featured image source: Instagram / @amanda.dombrowski