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This Fast-Food Chain Is Releasing A Vegetarian Burger That Tastes Exactly Like A Whopper

By Malia Wooten

Burger King bills it as ‘100% Whopper, zero percent beef!’

Burger King truly wants you to be able to have it your way. The fast-food chain recently tested a vegetarian version of its signature Whopper and it performed so well, BK is planning to roll the Impossible Whopper out nationally this year!

The vegetarian Whopper is made with a plant-based patty from Impossible Foods, a company that designs burger patties to mimic the looks and texture of meat when cooked (unlike veggie burgers.) The plant protein startup recently revealed a new recipe, designed to look and taste even more like meat which is the patty being used in Burger King’s Impossible Whoppers.

Burger King is primarily targeting meat eaters who seek more balance in their diet. The new product is designed to “give somebody who wants to eat a burger every day, but doesn’t necessarily want to eat beef every day, permission to come into the restaurants more frequently,” stated the president of Burger King North America, Chris Finazzo, to CNN Business.

If you’re worried about breaking the break – don’t be! The sales of the Impossible Whopper are supposedly complementary to the regular Whopper.

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