California Has Been Crowned The Best State For Tacos

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

best state for tacos

And unsurprisingly, the best city in the state is just south of Los Angeles proper.

Not that we needed the data to tell us what we already know, but it’s always nice to have bragging rights backed up by numbers. Rent.com carried out some research and their recent data analysis reports that California is in fact the best state for tacos and while most Angelenos would consider themselves Carnitas afficionados, which makes sense considering Huntington Park was named the best city for tacos.

The rankings took three equally-weighted factors into account: the number of Mexican restaurants per square mile, the number of Mexican restaurants in proportion to the population and the number of Mexican restruants as a proportion of restuarants. City-level scores were collected and aggregated to obtain state-level scores, according to the report.

While Golden State cleaned up in the rankings, Texas wasn’t too far behind as the runner up and Florida fared quite well in third place. Los Angeles’ incredible taco culture is mostly a result of the the large Hispanic and Latino population, especially in Huntington Park—which is the best city for tacos.

Now narrowing down the best spots in Huntington Park with its insane tacod per capita ratings may be a little tricky. Thankfully, the seasoned taco tasters at Rent.com have done that on your behalf too. On the list is the 55-year-old institution Avilas El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant with shredded beef tacos and micheladas as a reccomendations, then Gallo Giro for it’s mammoth portions and aguas frescas (the only place in the country to offer this refreshing bevarge) and El Chamizal, known as “The House of Barbecue.”

While Santa Monica and Downtown LA each have their own draws, you might condsider having the best al pastor and agua fresca on your doorstop in the overlooked Huntington Park next time you consider moving.

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