Create A Mind-Altering Masterpiece At This Virtual Puff And Paint Party Happening This Weekend

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Create A Mind-Altering Masterpiece At This Virtual Puff And Paint Party Happening This Weekend

There’s a nationwide puff & paint party happening on May 9—and they’re delivering all the supplies.

There are quite a few puff, pass and paint parties around and with the lockdown, a lot of them have gone virtual and even host free, daily classes online designed to help you create mind-altering work. But, not all of them are celebrating Cinco de Mayo and gifting you with baked edibles and drinks with your ticket.

After trying out every free Instagram Live art or yoga class, we might have unwittingly put pressure on ourselves to come out of lockdown as the Picasso of whatever hobbies we’ve chosen to dive into. When really, what we should be mastering, is having the best possible time that we can in the given circumstances. What better way to do that than unleashing your creativity and connecting with new people in your city while laughing uncontrollably? Cinco de Mayo is also the perfect theme to do this, the Mexican celebration has become synonymous with vivid sugar skulls, patterns, and flowers that lend themselves well to this niche.

The Original Puff & Paint®, organized by Plentyy Events, normally hosts live events in multiple cities, that are often sold out. Now that we’re in lockdown, however, they’ve decided to bring the puff and paint vibe straight to you via Zoom and deliveries.

You have various ticket options that starting from $10 to simply join the live painting class with all your own supplies. Or, $45 for one ticket with all art supplies and a free drink courtesy of Tipsy Drinks, which comes as a premixed drink in a pouch and edibles from Simply Baked.

Tickets can be purchased online or by emailing puffandpaintparty@gmail.com.

Featured image: Emily Lau via Unsplash

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