20-Year-Old Climate Change Activist Clears All Eaton Canyon’s Trash In 589 Days

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20-Year-Old Climate Change Activist Clears All Eaton Canyon’s Trash In 589 Days

One of L.A.’s most popular hiking trails is free of waste thanks to one local legend.

Edgar McGregor, a 20-year-old climate change activist took it upon himself to pick up every sliver of litter in the popular hiking trail Eaton Canyon in the Angeles National Forest.

Over the course of 589 consecutive days, the young man hiked up to the spot with nothing more than a bucket and gloves to collect the waste that other hikers left behind. He made the announcement in a series of Twitter posts, highlighting that he had done a thorough survey of the grounds to ensure he could make the claim with complete confidence.

“I have covered an enormous portion of my park checking the entire main trail, checking all the waterfalls, all the storm drains, everything … and for the first time in 589 days I can say with confidence that my park Eaton Canyon … is completely free of municipal waste,” he says in a video.

Locals showed him love and appreciation on the platform with over 100,000 likes and over 1,000 comments. Fellow activist and 2019’s Time’s Person of the Year Gret Thunberg even responded to the post to congratulate him.

California’s first Latino U.S. Senator Alex Palladilla also tweeted about the accomplishment saying, “This is what hometown heroism looks like. Thank you, @edgarrmcgregor.”

When asked about why he took on this huge challenge McGregor responded with a Twitter post showcasing the incredible landscape. No further explanation needed.

He posted about his daily cleanup journey using the hashtag #EarthCleanUp and encourages his 18,000 plus followers to do the same. It is, after all, a socially distanced activity that can bring the community together. This has definitely inspired us to head up with bags to fill with litter on our next hike, we hope it inspires you to do the same.

Feature Image: Edgar Mcgregor via Twitter


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