There’s An Underground Burger Joint In L.A. And Every Order Transports You Into An Immersive Game World

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There’s An Underground Burger Joint In L.A. And Every Order Transports You Into An Immersive Game World

This sizzling new concept is a portal to an alternate universe of secret menu items and games you can get delivered in 90 minutes.

If you’re hungry for a more adventurous night of dining at home (or wherever you find yourself), then the thrilling Codename Burg3r will definitely hit the spot. The first-of-its-kind dining experience delivers some of the best burgers in the galaxy with a side of fantastical gaming experiences.

A top-secret box will arrive at your door, but it won’t just contain a burger piled high with cheese and other garnishes. It will also you started on a continuing adventure as you become an intergalactic, interdimensional secret agent — perfect for a date or family game night. You’ll receive a myriad of mysteries, riveting narratives, special missions and real-world rewards delivered with each order. It’s like UberEats and an open-world video game got smashed together.  

There are various burgers (including a vegan option), each with a unique world, a different set of characters and challenges to solve. Every order comes with a 60-minute mission for you and up to 6 new agents — ideally the most creative thinkers you know. You’ll collaborate to crack codes, follow a trail of clues and relay your findings to the clandestine Bureau for the Unexplained and Non-Normal (B.U.N.).

After you complete your first mission and you’re promoted to a B.U.N agent, you will receive access to your own agent portal via your B.U.N communicator (that would be your phone) where you’ll create a secret agent avatar, earn points to climb the ranks and unlock new missions and secret menu items.  There are even Easter eggs and virtual objects you can redeem for real-world rewards

If your fellow agents aren’t available, you can go on solo missions so you can “burger up” and move up the ranks during your lunch break or a quiet night in. New challenges are added weekly, so you’re promised a neverending rabbit hole, filled with mind-boggling creatures, clues and opportunities to unlock new menu items. 

This unique at-home restaurant follows last summer’s groundbreaking Vampire.Pizza (which we hear is returning this fall as part of the Codename Universes). As home life and cooking took center stage during the lockdown, the concept brought area artists, game designers, and local restaurants together to reinvigorate dining at home. Now, it’s even more loaded with video and digital goodies to transform your dining room into a whole other Universe.  

An exciting secret food network exists in L.A. if you’re willing to discover it! 

Make your first order here and watch your table transform it into an immersive game.


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