L.A. County Health Department Issues ‘Legally Binding’ Ban On Gatherings

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L.A. County Health Department Issues ‘Legally Binding’ Ban On Gatherings

After a Mulholland Drive mansion party resulted in death and multiple injuries, the L.A. County Health Department has emphasized that violating the order is a punishable crime.

On Tuesday, L.A. County Department of Public Health “has issued a legally binding health officer order that prohibits gatherings, including parties, during this pandemic in order to protect the health and lives of county residents.” Any violators will be subject to fines, imprisonment or both. The announcement comes after a fatal shooting took place at a Beverly Crest Mansion.

Despite numerous complaints from neighbors around the number of guests that were arriving and ignoring health and safety measures, the party was not stopped by officers. Later, the LAPD responded to gunshots that left a 35-year-old woman dead and several injured.

As the restrictions on nightlife and bars continue, many have been resorting to house parties in rentals. Most of these parties have been taking place in the hills, with some resulting in serious injuries. Aside from the reported violence, these gatherings pose a huge risk in the spread of the virus.

“The highest risk settings are large in-person gatherings where it is difficult for individuals to remain spaced at least 6 feet apart and where face coverings are not worn,” the department said. “The consequences of these large parties ripple throughout our entire community because the virus can quickly and easily spread.”

On Wednesday, L.A. Councilman David Ryu put forward a motion to make the penalties more severe and increase enforcement options against those that do not comply with city laws or building and safety rules.

Featured Image: Michael Discenza via Unsplash

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