This David Lynch Valentine’s Day Weather Report Is The Gift You Need To Give Yourself

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

This David Lynch Valentine’s Day Weather Report Is The Gift You Need To Give Yourself

A Lynchian antidote to the Valentine’s Day blues or a hidden message? We have no idea, but it definitely brightened our day.

When the world was slipped into a state of chaos around mid-May last year, director David Lynch broke his 10-year meteorological hiatus by resuming his daily weather report series. In his latest upload, he appeared with sunglasses, slicked-back hair and a  hand-drawn card to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. And it was the dose of kooky sunshine we needed.

As someone that’s no stranger to mysterious worlds, it seems fitting that we turn to him to guide us through the surreal and dystopian terrain of our lives today. Each video is filmed in the same spot in his office where he proceeds to describe the weather in Los Angeles, almost always ending with “blue and golden sunshine all along the way,” matter what the weather brings.

While Lynch’s style may seem the furthest thing from structured and routine, the ritual of tuning in to listen to the Twin Peaks co-creator’s soothing folksy voice every day is akin to a daily meditation session. We have no idea what curve balls the pandemic may hurl at us tomorrow, but we can count on David Lynch to tell us all about the skies in L.A. and remind us what day it is.

Most honest, fans will admit that his films can often leave you feeling pretty perplexed, but these daily dispatches are a reminder to look on the bright side

Others have drawn parallels to his seemingly tranquil dystopian landscapes that are underpinned by an eery uncertainty.

Although Lynch is a firm believer of “routine under quarantine,” the rest of his fans have been speculating about whether he’s actually delivering a coded message in his usual, deadpan eccentric style.

Even if you’re not an Angeleno, David Lynch’s Weather Report will help you remember what day of the week it is and give you a little pick-me-up for the day ahead.

Featured Image: Screenshot via David Lynch Theater