These Epic Themed House Parties Are Coming To Your Living Room Every Saturday

Alex Landon Alex Landon

These Epic Themed House Parties Are Coming To Your Living Room Every Saturday

Daybreaker are bringing the good vibes to you with their amazing livestreamed parties.

Never has there been such a large concentration of Angelenos spending their Saturday nights inside, but that needn’t mean the end of the party. Daybreaker, who are renowned for their extremely upbeat morning raves (non-morning people like myself may never have seen these raves, but rest assured they do happen), are turning Saturday evenings back into party time – with a series of delightful house parties, streamed live to your living room! Pick up your tickets here, and read on for more info…

The Daybreaker parties are here to shake you out of lockdown ennui, and they’ve got a pretty potent combination of fun lined up to do so. The fun-loving squad will be leading party guests through upbeat yoga flows, a playlist of top tunes, and excellent live performances that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’ll turn your living room into a dance floor, and get you and your flatmates strutting your stuff in no time!

Photo: Sasha Charoensub (@sashabphoto)

Best of all, Daybreaker have given each party a theme, for which you’re highly encouraged to dress up. It kicks off on April 18 with the Animal House Party, where tiger prints and zebra stripes are the order of the day, and your living space becomes a colourful jungle. Then, on April 25, it’s time to head back to music’s most glorious era for the Disco House Party, complete with all the questionable outfits and dance moves you can muster. They’re also planning a party for May 2, but the theme is being kept under wraps for now – hey, it’s always good to leave room for surprises!

A Daybreaker party in New York – imagine bringing this to your home!

You never quite know what you’re in for at a Daybreaker event, so grab your tickets now and prepare to unleash the party…

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