Deer Lounge Under Cherry Blossom Trees In Japan’s Nara Park, And It’s Utterly Magical

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It’s Disney’s Bambi IRL.

Before his photoshoot, a photographer took this breathtaking video of Sika deer basking in gentle light beneath the cherry blossom trees (sakura) in Nara Park, Japan. Normally, this park would be filled with tourists and photographers trying to capture their moment in this serene setting. However, the global pandemic has left the park largely abandoned, allowing the deer to roam the petal paradise oblivious to it all.

Nara Park is just a short train ride from Kyoto Station and it’s home to 1,000 Sika deer that are considered national treasures and messengers of the gods.

The majestic creatures are very tame and can be seen gently taking special deer crackers (sold around the park) straight out of people’s hands. According to multiple Tripadvisor reviews and Japanese guides, some deer have learned how to bow in return for a cracker while greedy ones can get a little on the aggressive side.

Either way, if you didn’t have Nara Park on your post-lockdown bucket list then it should definitely be on there now.

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Featured image: KiKi Photos 

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