Disneyland Has Delayed Its July 17 Reopening Date

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Disneyland Has Delayed Its July 17 Reopening Date

The ‘Happiest Place On Earth’ will just have to wait.

On Wednesday, Walt Disney Co. announced in a statement that Disneyland’s reopening will be pushed out beyond the initial July 17 reopening date. There was no alternative date specified. There were multiple reasons that were implied in the announcement for the contributing reasons for the delay.

“California has now indicated that it will not issue theme park reopening guidelines until sometime after July 4,” the statement reads.

The company also explained that it was currently renegotiating agreements with employee unions, that have raised concerns over the risks involved with reopening too soon due to the virus. Staff have reportedly voiced their fears too.

However, the Downtown Disney will be reopening on the previously stated date of July 9.

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