Discover 16 Impeccable Wines From People Of Color At This Weekend-Long Wine Festival

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Discover 16 Impeccable Wines From People Of Color At This Weekend-Long Wine Festival

Sign up for an incredible weekend of cooking, tasting and chats with inspiring industry leaders.   

Take your taste buds on a journey through 16 different wines and the captivating stories of those who lovingly crafted them. The Diversity Wine Route: 8th Annual Zuri Wine Festival will be an exciting showcase of brands that are made by African Americans, Native Americans and women. And you can explore it all from the comfort of your home.

Your VIP weekend pass includes two premium bottles of wine delivered to your door, 7 hours of mini masterclasses—with excellent company—and a wine festival for the grand finale.  

On Friday night, you’ll kick things off by sipping and stirring with Iris Rideau, the first black woman to own a vineyard and tasting room in California, Rideau Vineyards (which you will come to know and love). Your cooking class will include a recipe that will be sent to you ahead of time if you’d like to cook along with her. But you can also just opt for enjoying the wine while she tells you her captivating story. 

Things get moving on Saturday as you go on a virtual wine tour of the vineyard and cellar and join Native American winemaker Tara Gomez from Kita Wines for a Q&A. Here, you’ll find out what goes into creating the magic.

Once your palate has been primed you’ll get a 10-minute wine tasting refresher from Tuanni Price before the Sunday wine festival commences. This session will feature 12 wines and each winemaker will showcase one varietal each and host a 5-minute virtual tasting with the attendees. In the last hour, you can join your favorite winemakers in a breakout room to delve further into the details. 

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