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Rare Double Rainbows Over L.A. Were The Perfect End To Election Week

By Secret Los Angeles

Angelenos witnessed rare double rainbows over the weekend, after a stormy Election Week.

Election Week came with all kinds of highs and lows. There was a record-breaking voter turnout, a tense ballot-counting period, L.A. County made History with an all-female Board of Supervisors, L.A.  saw some “weather whiplash” and Joe Biden became the president of the United States sending the city into a celebratory frenzy. To top it all off, stunning rainbows were seen in the post-storm skies on Saturday and Sunday, with a faint but incredible rare second rainbow seen after the storm. The first colorful spectrums were seen straight after the 46th president was announced. While it’s a little overwritten, it’s hard to think of a more fitting way to end the week and mark a new dawn. [Featured Image:@innermostlimits]

Here’s a gallery of all the incredible sight captured by Angelenos over the weekend.