Immerse Yourself In Magical Worlds At This One-Of-A-Kind VR Playground

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Immerse Yourself In Magical Worlds At This One-Of-A-Kind VR Playground

Dreamscape has reopened with its mind-bending virtual reality adventures.

We’ve been yearning for an escape, but before you pack your bags, laminate your vaccination certificate and catch the next flight, you’ll want to consider being transported to destinations in a whole new realm. Dreamscape Immersive is a free-roam virtual reality experience and it has officially reopened at Century City Mall.

This isn’t like the VR experiences you have in your living room, or any others you may have had. It’s a social full-body experience where you and your teammates are unhampered wires, free to explore beautiful worlds together. It’s a bit like laser tag but with Hollywood-certified storytelling, engineering by Swiss technologists and carefully produced by live events experts.

Credit: Dreamscape Immersive

You will be able to reserve an entire pod for you and your party, ranging from two to eight people. Then you get to choose from four epic destinations The Blu: Deep Rescue, Alien Zoo, The Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure, and Dragons Flight Academy. The Blu: Deep Rescue is one of the most visually stunning options evolving from the original Blu by LA-based WEVR., which inspired more interest in VR possibilities. Divers will go on a rescue mission to release a whale entangled in wires. Most Yelpers described it as an awe-inspiring experience that gives you a greater appreciation for nature.

Credit: Dreamscape Immersive

The Curse of the Lost Pearl is an Indiana Jones-style quest to retrieve the Lost Pearl. You’ll have physical equipment to help you traverse the ancient ruins and caverns to retrieve the Lost Pearl. It’s filled with exhilarating interactive features that will get your heart racing. If you really just want to get as far away as possible, you can also go an intergalactic exploration with Alien Zoo.

But regardless of the story you choose, the physical world is seamlessly integrated into these digital universes from the avatars’ name tags down to the outfits. You might even have wind blowing through your hair to make you forget that you’re actually just roaming through a black room.

With the former head of Dreamworks Motion Pictures, Walter Parkes and the former Chief Creative Officer of Disney Imagineering, you can rest assured that creative boundaries are always being pushed into the surreal without crossing over into the violent territory you might find in video games.

Of course, Dreamscape has added enhanced cleaning procedures, social distancing standards, mandatory masks wearing for guests and employees.

Location: Westfield Century City, located on Level Two near Eataly and Del Frisco’s




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