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These Are All The Los Angeles Drive-In Theatres That Are Open Right Now

By Ashlyn Davis May 7, 2020

van buren drive in

Hop in your car and drive into a bygone era of cinema at one of these drive-in theatres.

Roll into an open car park and tune in for the evening show as a pink Californian sunset glows in the background. During this phase of “social distancing”, drive-in theatres around the US are seeing a rise in popularity, according to the Times. Audiences are finding the unexpected joy of simpler times as they seek ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Up until now, drive-in theatres had felt like fossils of the entertainment world. Almost like museums we could occasionally visit and imagine ourselves in a scene from Grease with John Travolta belting out a song in his leathers sporting a slicked-back quiff. Apart from that, regular audiences were lost to multiplex behemoths and their ever-embellishing comforts; a plethora of film choices, bed-like seats and an overwhelming array of candy.

However, like many of the experiences that truly mean something, our minds subconsciously take us back—even if we had to skip a few generations in the process. The resurgence of the drive-in theatre, amid the COVID pandemic, seems to conveniently offer us a sense of closeness without the need for contact. Although, you’re going to have to own a mobile quarantine box to participate.

Let’s rally in our cars and enjoy this retro revival together (but apart). Here is a list of open, at present, drive-in theatres in Los Angeles.

Note: Drive-in theatres will have new rules and measures in place. Click on the title to be taken to the individual website to find out more before going. 

Paramount Drive-Theatre

Vineland Drive-In

Van Buren 


West Wind

Mission Tiki

Featured Image: Paramount Drive-In