Take A Trip Back To 1947 With Mel’s Neon-Lit Carhop Dining Service

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Take A Trip Back To 1947 With Mel’s Neon-Lit Carhop Dining Service

Drive into another era and enjoy a serving American classics.

There’s nothing quite like being out on the road and giving in to the allure of the grand neons signs of Mel’s Drive-In. Whether it’s beaming out of a dark night sky or a pink-and-orange L.A. sunset, it serves up a whole lot of nostalgia and heavenly food to go with it.

Mel’s opened it’s doors as a carhop drive-in back in 1947, just when the concept was taking off in the country. Unsurprisingly, it was an instant hit and now there are 8 locations between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

When the state-wide order went into effect, they were forced to close their doors leaving the booths empty and the jukebox quiet. But, you can still live out your American Graffiti fantasies with their carhop service. You just drive in, call, and order anything from the luscious patty melts to the extra thick milkshakes. While you wait, you can listen to music or roll down your window and talk to strangers from a safe distance.

This is will add a bit of retro romance to your take-out routine.

This offers the perfect escape and each location is steeped in history. The West Hollywood location is one of the last remaining “Googie” style buildings in Southern California. Before it became Mel’s it was home to Ben Frank’s, an iconic coffee shop, with the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Andy Warhol hanging about.

So why not escape the confines of your home and take to the road for dining experience dripping with nostalgia.

You can head to any one of the locations, all open until midnight or later. The Santa Monica outpost is 24hr, for all you night owls looking for a late-night cruise.

To add to that, kids eat FREE!

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