The Mind-Bending Stranger Things Experience Will Be Vanishing From L.A. Soon

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

The Mind-Bending Stranger Things Experience Will Be Vanishing From L.A. Soon

Shift gears and drive-into another dimension with this official Stranger Things experience in Downtown LA.

Listen up, nerds! It’s time to unlock the untold story of Hawkins spine-chilling 80s nostalgia in real life with a new concept experience. This immersive trip is filled with mind-blowing audio and visual effects, monster hunts and surprises that blur the line between reality and cult TV.

Credit: Netflix & Fever

The new Drive-Into Experience transports you deep into Stranger Things’ world with incredible live actors taking you through a thrilling narrative in mind-bending sets—all from the safety of your own car (seriously, if you don’t want to get stuck in the Upside Down like Will, you need to stay in the car!).

Credit: Netflix & Fever

Grab your tickets to the hour-long journey through neon scapes and flickering TV sets. Demogorgons will be lurking on every corner, making the hairs on your neck stand up. So keep those car doors locked and windows up at all times to shield you during these electrifying performances!

When you drive into Starcourt Mall, beyond the beaming pink and blue sign, you’ll find a portal to the Upside Down. Turn on your walkie talkie and find familiar characters on the other side as you unlock the mysteries of this mini-verse. You’ll join Eleven and friends on an adventure that will get your pulse racing. If we’re lucky, Hopper might be on hand to help investigate the unusual activity…

Credit: Netflix & Fever

This otherworldly “Drive-Into” experience is being co-produced by Netflix and Fever, the premiere event discovery platform, in collaboration with Secret Cinema, the global pioneers of immersive storytelling. Engaging experience-seekers across the globe, Fever inspires its vibrant local audiences to discover the best their city has to offer and supports the creation of unique and unforgettable events. Creative is driven by Secret Cinema, best known for constructing epically scaled, intricately detailed fan experiences based on popular film and TV titles.

You don’t want to miss what could easily be the most thrilling event of the year!

Adventure calls! So gather your friends, pack your backpack, grab your walkie talkies and book your ticket before the portal closes forever!

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