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Insomniac’s Electric Mile Drive-Thru Experience Is A Neon Narnia For All Ages

By Ashlyn Davis

The gates to Electric Mile’s multisensory experience are open, and it’s like riding into another universe!

Santa Anita Park has been illuminated with what could easily be considered the audiovisual drive-thru event of the season, if not the year. The creators of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) have managed to simultaneously reinvent the drive-thru and festival scene with this mind-blowing event that will dazzle all ages.

But make no mistake, this isn’t your ordinary succession of holiday lights twinkling in time to an overplayed jingle. It’s an entirely new multisensory hybrid that transports you into a futuristic fantasy…and gets the whole car dancing.

The sold-out event kicked off on New Year’s Day with its electrifying array of art installations, light displays and performers in elaborate costumes that left guests gobsmacked. While it was only supposed to run for about a week, it has now been extended (again) thanks to its overwhelming popularity!

Credit: Electric Mile

In the hour-long ride, you’ll wind through a neon Narnia, inspired by Insomniac’s famous mega-festivals—including Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland, EDC, Countdown and Escape. Tune into a dedicated FM station and allow Founder & CEO Pasquale Rotella to work his magic with infectious beats synchronized to each distinct world.

The portal to the event opens with a huge tunnel of blue lights where you’ll be reminded to “Smile, you’re on Electric Mile.” Of course, it’s all in the eyes, as you’ll need to keep your mask on whenever windows are rolled down. 

Credit: Electric Mile

As you venture deeper into the park, seven themed realms will unfold, each revealing a unique set of intricacies and surprises. From the glowing creatures that come to life amongst the foliage at Nocturnal Wonderland, through Beyond Wonderland’s dazzling rabbit hole, to the haunting characters of the Escape Halloween section, this is one ride you do not want to miss!

For the grand finale, guests will traverse through a kaleidoscopic series, which includes the EDC-inspired Pixel Forest and a cathedral-like structure lit in vivid colors.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind ride! Book your tickets to Electric Mile here.