Find Your New Favorite Hobby In The Art Of Candle-Making With These DIY Candle Kits

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Find Your New Favorite Hobby In The Art Of Candle-Making With These DIY Candle Kits

Breathe in the beauty of candle-making!

If lockdown has made your home feel a bit stuffy, well, you’re not alone. Now, you can freshen up your space with a rich, ambrosial fragrance of your own making! From August 7, Stone Candles is bringing the soothing art of candle-making straight to your home with Live At Home Candle Making Class —which is best enjoyed with a good glass of wine, so you’re encouraged to BYOB!

Fill your home with luscious floral scents reminiscent of a garden on a spring day, all while taking part in one of the world’s longest standing traditions with these fun, DIY candle kits! Everything you need will be delivered to any US address with all costs included. So once you’ve purchased your ticket, your Candle kit will be shipped directly to your doorstep and you’ll get VIP access to an exclusive candle making session on Instagram live.

Stone Candles offers top-of-the-line, sustainable, 100% natural blend candle products — each with their own pure and unique fragrance. With the Live At Home Candle Making Class. You can choose to create one of 15 rich fragrances like Santal, Baies, and Lavender. Or, you can design your own signature fragrance. Each scent is delicately created using high-quality ingredients such as Sandalwood, Amber, Lavender and Thyme.

These kits aren’t like what you’d find at your run-of-the-mill craft store. Each premium kit includes the tools to create an 8-ounce, eco-friendly, clean-burning candle made of 100% natural coconut wax. All you need to do is grab a jar and allow yourself to be swept away on this therapeutic session.

These #StayHome Candle Making Kits provide a pleasant source for relaxation. Find your new favorite hobby in candle-making, or, order the kit as a gift for a friend, family member, or special someone as a gentle reminder to stop, smell, and create the roses.

Order your Candle Making Kit today!

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